Use Stories

How Buckit helped Mike and Kate

Mike and Kate have recently graduated and are looking for a place together. They're juggling credit cards to pay bills – it’s a vicious circle of debt. They open Buckit and enter what they owe, plus the various interest rates they're paying. They, with Buckit, work through their budget. It’s just like having an appointment with a financial advisor! Buckit shows what they should focus on paying now, and what can wait. Finally, they see where their budgeting priorities should be. They're on their way to building a debt-free future together.

How Buckit helped Chris

Chris is looking for a place to live before fall semester starts. He’s found a cool apartment, which is slightly above his budget. But the apartment is only 5 minutes’ walk from campus. That means no bus fares… hmmm. Chris has budgeted for transportation. If he walks to campus, maybe he can use the money saved to pay rent instead. Will it be enough for the year? Chris enters the figures into Buckit, which instantly tells him exactly where he can make the savings. That’s it! His budget is balanced. He can focus on studying. He’s in control of his future.

How Buckit helped Emily

Emily wants to go on summer vacation with her three best friends. She’s a budding artist, so her income is up and down. Normal money management apps aren't much use. But that’s not a problem, because Buckit specializes in creating custom budgets. Emily tells Buckit her average income. She inputs her expenses, divided into categories ranked by importance. Then she inputs the date of the planned vacation. Buckit identifies a schedule for saving. Emily just has to fill her buckets, and then she can go on holiday with her friends. No worries – summer’s looking good!