What is Buckit?

More than just a money tracker, Buckit is your personal advisor. Built using the combined expertise of a financial manager and accountant. Showing you how to improve your finances and take away your money worries. Available on your phone anytime, anywhere. Just input your income and expenses. Then let Buckit’s advanced algorithm do the rest. You instantly find out how to save money, reduce debts, and make better budgeting decisions. It’s just like talking to a real advisor – but without the budget-busting fees.

Pricing & Availability

Buckit will be available on the app store Q3 2016 for $5.99 per month. Buckit is designed for iPhone and iPod touch. Buckit requires IOS 7 or newer.

Buckit will be exclusively available in the U.S.A

If you would like to demo Buckit, promo codes are available upon Request.

Press Contact

Stash 1 LLC

4545 Greystone drive

Richfield, WI 53076


Mobile: +41 79 833 56 27

Email: georgehaller@stashllc.com

Twitter: @thebuckitapp

Website: www.buckit-app.com