Help & guide

I have written this guide to help any user that may be having difficulty with certain aspects, next steps or specific situations and how to input them into the application. Below is a hyperlink guide to each possible step of the application, if your question hasn't been answered below or if there is a bug you'd like to report feel free to contact me personally at

1. Setting up an account

2. Recording an Expense


Setting Up an Account

If this is the first time your using this application, you should be greeted by this screen (I.1).

1.) Select 'Get started' to begin setting up your account.

2.) Press Get Started again on the next page. Feel free to read the text or not, it is a quick overview of the applications main features.

3.) Now you will be presented the signup page (I.2). Fill in all the required info, 'Date of birth' is not required but extremely helpful in giving us an understanding of who our users are. Also, we advise that you read and understand the terms and conditions of Buckits use before you move on.

4.) Once the account information is done, you will move onto the Financial Information page. Here you will begin setting up your financial account and interacting with the apps algorithm.

5.) Once you record your monthly income before taxes the app will generate an estimate of your annual tax contributions (it is a sum of both state and federal taxes). As these are just an estimate please adjust them to what you think is optimal. You will be able to change all this information including your tax rate whenever you like. Press Next once completed.

Note: The Credit Card debt and Loans will auto-create a bucket with a set monthly contribution to pay down the principal. You will have to create a new expense category in order to manage the monthly interest payments.

6.)  You are now at the 'Expenses' page. Here you will record as best you can your monthly expenses on each category. We will interpret this as how much you are currently spending on each category such as rent or eating out. Press Next once finished.

Note: Savings cannot be adjusted as it is a function of your spending on the other categories.

7.) You are now at the Budgets category. You will be presented with adjusted budgets for each category, this is how much we think you should be spending on each category (I.3). You can choose to accept those adjustments if you think you can make those adjustments or return the value to what it used to be either by tapping it in or sliding the slider to the maximum. 

This will be your new Budget, so make sure to go through each category before you confirm it. We want these adjustments to be achievable while still ambitious. Trust us, if your able to make significant cuts it will benefit you in the long run. But don't worry, these are not permanent and can always be adjustable - but the money always has to come from somewhere.

8.) Thats it - you are done. Get started by recording an expense or setting a Bucket goal!


I hope I successfully guided you though the setup process. Please reach out if you have any further questions.



Recording an Expense

Once you have completed setting up an account. You should be on the main page of the application as shown below (I.4)

1.) Press the white plus Icon located in the green circle on the bottom right of the screen. It will pop up with 4 options, organized counterclockwise from the top; Record Expense, Record Income, New Buckit and add to Buckit. Select the red Record Expense (I.5)

2.) The record expense screen will be presented. Fill In the information and select its corresponding category from the list of Icon identifiers. If you would like to record this as a new expense select '+ custom category' to create and set a new budget and its corresponding Icon.

3.) Once all the information has been inputted (or autofilled if its a regular expense) press done in the top right of the screen. The app will confirm with a small notification that the expense has been recorded.


I hope I successfully guided you though the Record Expenses. Please reach out if you have any further questions.