Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to sync Buckit with my bank?

No. Imagine sitting down with a financial advisor. They’ll ask you questions about your income, and your spending. Buckit works the same way. You just input your details, and Buckit gives you recommendations. Plus, no syncing means nobody can access your bank details through Buckit. 

Can I log in from different devices?

Yes, you can login from any iOS device – iPad or iPhone.

Do you store user details?

No, Buckit is only interested in numbers. There’s no lengthy signup. No messy verification. No sharing your data… You can even register anonymously if you prefer!

What currencies are available?

For now, USD.

Are there any ads?

None at all; it’s a point of pride with us. And no freemium model either – all features are available to you straightaway!

How much does Buckit cost?

Its free, but please let us know who you use buckit, if its helped you at all and if you have any notes. Its what keeps us going.