Craigslist Testers Application

Dear Craigslisters, we are currently pushing out our Beta but the feedback we are getting from users is not interactive enough. And since we don't want to be like Facebook (we don't collect user information, personal details, goals etc.), we need another way of gaining deep insights into whats working for people/ whats not, what features they like best, how easy it is to use etc. So we will be bringing three of you on as Buckit team testers. You will be required to use the application as is instructed, so input your goals, track your spending habits with the application; just use it. Note: This means we will have an active knowledge of your budgeting and spending habits as well as your financial goals. There is no information risk as we do not require your banking information or any other sensitive documents in order to conduct this test. We can discuss this further if desired. We will have monthly calls that will last roughly an hour each, they will be done for three months starting in August, possibly longer but you will be notified well in advance if it changes. You will be compensated $500 a month for the next three months in exchange, you will be sent a paper check if and once the relationship begins. We require three applicants, the rest of you will receive free access to an early version of this application .Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you soon.


george h, (feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions)

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Please include some overarching description of your financial situation so we can get as diverse a sample group as possible. How tight is money, what are your spending habits like, do you have any financial goals/dreams, how do you see yourself financially? Any information you think would help us better understand your situation. DO NOT DISCLOSE ANY BANKING DETAILS.