About Us

Buckit aims to empower everyone in the world to make smart and informed financial decisions. Using the knowledge and expertise of finance professionals. Combining their advice and applying it to real-life financial situations. And turning it into an app – available anytime, anywhere.

Why Now?

It’s time to democratize the world of financial advice. 

Professional money managers are great – if you have the money to pay for their services. For those that don’t, it’s easy to get into debt. Because good budgeting takes time – and practice. All those calculations. Keeping track of expenses. Trying to make sense of all those numbers. 

Students are leaving university with ever-increasing levels of debt, with little idea of how to pay it off. Families are still struggling after the 2008 economic crash. People are working hard, struggling to make ends meet, fearing an unexpected bill. 

It’s never been more important to have fast access to high quality financial advisers.

Why Buckit?

At the heart of Buckit is the intention to be helpful. Especially for people who don’t have the money, time or know-how to manage their money. Or maybe they just want outside confirmation that they’re doing the right thing. 

After all, we all do budgeting on a simple level, even if it’s just checking what’s in our pockets at checkout time. Buckit is for when you need to go beyond that. Working out how much you have each day. How much you will be spending. Advising you whether it’ll be enough – and showing where you can make your money go further. 

That’s what makes Buckit different. This ability to “tell” you is based on the knowledge and insight of financial professionals. Showing your goals, and how to get there. Imagine, no more guesswork with your finances. Just expert advice, giving you peace of mind. Available in your pocket, whenever you need it.

Alongside this, a mission to make money management simple. Virtual wallets and buckets, for easy budgeting. Graphs and images, to make it easy on the eyes. And of course, available at abudget-friendly price!

We’re only at the start of this journey. There’s a lot more to come. More features, more services, more technology. Join us today!

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