More than just a money tracker,

 Buckit is your personal advisor. Built using the combined expertise of a financial manager and accountant. Showing you how to improve your finances and take away your money worries. Available on your phone anytime, anywhere. Just input your income and expenses. Then let Buckit’s advanced algorithm do the rest. You instantly find out how to save money, reduce debts, and make better budgeting decisions. It’s just like talking to a real advisor – but without the budget-busting fees. Sign up for Buckit today, and start making your money go further.

Your budgeting assistant


Personal financial manager and accountant

When we created Buckit, we consulted with the experts. So every spending plan is based on their knowledge. Making Buckit an adviser, not just a calculator.

Instant financial advice

Sometimes you need to make quick decisions. So let Buckit take the stress out of money management. Your finance expert on call 24/7 to help you reach your goals.

Perfect for managing irregular incomes

Buckit takes the stress out of surprises. When your circumstances change, just update your details. Buckit tells you where to make savings, always keeping you on track.


Built to handle life's ups and downs


Adapts to your budget

Buckit understands you might have different priorities. That’s why you can accept, reject or modify its suggestions. Just like in a real consultation!

Intuitive design

Budgeting can be complicated – Buckit makes it easy. A simple dashboard organizes everything in one place. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and endless accounting.

An old way to stay secure

Buckit customizes its advice based on what you input, every time. There’s no syncing to your private accounts or data. No security risk, no hassle, no problem!

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More, for less


No ads, no in-app purchases

Sign up and get full access straightaway. No pop-ups filling your screen. No limited model with reduced features.

Risk-free with no commitment

Cancel your subscription at any time. Use Buckit for as long as you need. There’s no small print keeping you locked in.

Gets smarter the more you use it

Buckit uses an evolving algorithm to give you bespoke advice. Over time, the advice customizes to your needs. You spend less time configuring, more time on saving!


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